Julian Opie (London 1958 -)


Julian Opie (born 1958, London) is a visual artist who is part of the British New Sculpture movement.
Considered the current representative of modern portraiture, Opie uses the latest technologies applied to painting and, in addition to his work done by computer, in his sculptures and installations he incorporates vinyl with interior light, LED panels or liquid crystal screens.

The British artist has become internationally known thanks to his minimalist style of very simple, almost symbolic forms, which are supported by cryptograms. The representation of faces is reduced to some black surfaces and strokes, the color is only introduced in a flat way, just like a graphics program does. His representations of people and landscapes are based on photographs that he has previously worked on on the computer. In the late 1990s he began this minimalist approach to figurative representation that he has developed to perfection.

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Dance 2, 2023
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Dance 3
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Dance 4, 2022