Beau Simmons


Beau Simmons, a maestro of medium format film photography, initially flourished in the world of celebrity fashion, collaborating with renowned brands like Marc Jacobs, Guess Jeans, and Converse. Yet, his lens soon turned to the serene authenticity of the Western lifestyle, igniting a fervor to immortalize forgotten stories. Immersed in Americana, Beau crafts visual tales, preserving fleeting moments and amplifying the silent echoes of an era.
His recent endeavor, "The Twenty-Year War," sheds light on 21st-century veterans with compassionate depth. Beyond the frame, Beau extends his support to various causes, lending his artistry to benefit organizations like The American Cancer Society's Cattle Baron’s Ball and the Careity Foundation through collaborations and charitable initiatives. His partnership with Taylor Sheridan unveiled the timeless allure of the Four Sixes Ranch, offering an indelible tribute while championing cancer support services.

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The Four Aces Motel, 2022