Jenny Chandler (Alabama 4/10/1981 -)

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“Just as every moment and chapter of life shapes us, every layer of her pieces tell an ever changing story.”

Introducing Jenny Chandler, a visionary artist whose name shines brightly in the world of abstract art. Hailing from Alabama, her artistic journey began as a formula of solace and self-discovery through the exploration of colors, unleashing her creativity and set­ting her on a transformative path towards self-expression.

Her remarkable journey led to the establishments of Jenny Chandler Art, a testament to her profound passion and emotional connection to abstract art. With acrylic as her primary medium, each piece she creates is a vibrant tapestry of emotions, inviting viewers to experi­ence unique narratives that resonate deeply.

Jenny's exceptional talent has earned her a place of distinction in the art world, receiving recognition in renowned publications. She also is a passionate of supporter of the arts through philanthropy at LACMA, MOCA LA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Hammer Museum and the Academy of Motion Pictures. She serves an esteemed member of the Vogue 100 in recognition of her dedi­cation to the arts, both professional and personally.

Her art studio is nestled in the heart of West Hollywood's design mecca on La Cienega Blvd, where she utilizes it not only as a working studio for her creations but also as a space to host private showings and events, adding an intimate and personal touch to her artistic journey.