Jumper Maybach (Corpus Christi Texas 1963 -)

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Jumper Maybach’s painting explores political concepts through the frenetic and organic forms that inhabit his canvases and interrogates social commentary with subversive deftness. At times, the messaging is subdued, a subtle slow burn, while often it is hiding in plain sight, offering a juxtaposition between abstraction and literal that speaks to the duality inherent in his personas.

Born Ben Workman in 1963, the artist who would come to be known as Jumper Maybach formed ideas of self-worth and, like us all, self-hatred through the adversity and trauma of a socially fraught 1960s Corpus Christi childhood. These cornerstones of identity are acutely perceptible through the mixing of raw emotion and the perceived disorganization of color, line, and form that coalesce into a world of explosive instinct. His paintings beg the viewer to step into his world of intuition through his playfulness and, at times, a childlike wonder to walk with him to the better world he creates on his canvases.

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Quantum Storm
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Dream Dimension