TM Glass

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T.M. Glass

"I make art to keep the memories of the flowers that grow in my garden."
– T M Glass

Inspired by the arts and crafts movement in Europe, T M Glass's art is receptive to the beauty in flowers. The lush blooms that once grew in the artist's garden have been invoked for the beauty they possessed and the joy that was sensed. Glass revisits tranquil moments in the garden when the Spring season was in full swing to recreate the beauty warning of the imminent winter. The cut flowers placed in a vase are not only inviting, they are a promise of beauty that the artist wishes to recapture through recreation. These recreations are a way to reconnect with that moment when these cut flowers bereft of its roots stand afresh in full bloom to wither while sharing their hopeful spirits and language of compassion with the world.

The ideal beauty has often been seen in flowers and art has always found a special connection with their beauty. Decorations or motifs of decor that have found their inspiration in their sprightly being has often been viewed as an important aesthetic subject and moment. Glass too revisits these dialogues in our times when flowers have been received as organised aesthetic positions in power and has often been extended as a tool for emotional empowerment or comfort. It is no more a mere sight or a decoration lingering in dark corners because the corners and crevices of display have found a powerful position of aesthetics in our times. This is the message the artist wishes to express through a digitised lens that elaborates the bright colours and lines that demarcate and possess beauty.

While these flowers express beauty in all occasions of life, Glass embarks on these reflections of their expressions in life. The artist focuses on their many shadows, lights, and shapes bringing to mind the many vessels that have been weighed 'heavy' in their beauty at various times of the day and season.

Glass's hyper-realistic images of flowers in elaborate vessels echoing history are a means to engage with this moment in time when most parts of the world are enveloped in gloom. These artworks speak of celebrations, respite, youth, and desire. They recommend beauty found in growth, healing, and nourishment against the darkness that looms around us.