Antonio Domínguez de Haro (Spain 05-14-1928 -)

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Antonio Dominguez de Haro was born on May 14th, 1928 in Granada, in the beautiful tropical coast of Almuñecar in Spain.
At the early age of 16 years old, he presented his first exhibition in Spain with sixty-six works expressing his early interest on submarine landscaping. The exhibit obtained the immediate media recognition which again and again, not only the media but also the art critics applauded the emerging artist work with unrestrained enthusiasm anticipating the future success of the promising artist.
After his early success, Dominguez de Haro committed his life to his passion...painting and the seas.
Dominguez de Haro became a scuba diver to investigate, appreciate, understand, and capture the beauty of the seas underwater landscape. His artwork presents extraordinary pictures of a dream- like world of beauty and poetry where its elements form extraordinary decorations of color and shape that easily catch the attention of the viewer. This was a new world that was virtually unknown to the public. Dominguez de Haro was determined to unfold the mysteries of the seas and support his belief of the important role of the seas for the beginning of our existence, and today for our lives.
Each of his exhibitions were praised by the media and his art intellectual followers. His works were said to be of poetic beauty.
Dominguez de Haro spent most of his time travelling in the old continent of Europe with the purpose of learning and updating himself with the last trends and tendencies in art. Learning the last techniques as well as exploring the deep seas was key for Dominguez de Haro to perform his mission of making the sea life part of our daily life, transmitting us the awareness, admiration as well as the sense of protection of the seas...the source of energy where we come from, he said.
Dominguez the Haro considers himself a citizen of the universe. He is a man of authentic spirituality, rich in compassion and sensitivity and who is brave, and adventurous. He has his studio in Granada, and an art gallery and permanent exhibition in Miami.
Nowadays, Dominguez de Haro tries to capture the life under the seas submerging now into the deepest of his soul where he vividly keeps each of the moments, he spent in his entire life submerging into the sea.
Each of his painting carries a strong conservation message, and also his concerns about a future earth devastated by pollution.
Reaching a period of enlightenment, he decided to dedicate each of these thoughts and actions to the preservation of the ocean. And he developed the awareness to understand that the oceans of the world are connected to form a one world ocean.
Dominguez de Haro is considered the pioneer of underwater paintings and Organic Art. His sensitivity and technique to bring afloat the colors and life of the sea is unsurpassable and unique. Nobody other than himself has dedicated so many years to bring the beauty and majesty of the ocean onto the oil canvas and therefore to our lives. His work has enriched the plastic arts.


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