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Jimmy Pierce is a Los Angeles-based contemporary urban artist. From a mixed Filipino and Mulatto background, his work embraces many ideas and concepts that remain constant across cultures. He developed his creative focus at an early age, experimenting with a range of mediums and disciplines and later moving from Arkansas to Los Angeles to fully develop his potential. With elements inspired by 70’s pop culture combined with Pollock, Koons, and Hirst, the artist’s work conveys a message of happiness, freedom, and hope.

Pierce struggles with internal conflicts and demons from his past and by communicating the pain and torment he is able to find positivity, peace, and hope for the future; a message that he shares via his artwork. His pieces have found their way into the collections of ‘A’ list celebrities, professional athletes, fine art collectors, and investors from far afield as LA, NYC, Miami, London, Hong Kong and Singapore.