Alexi Torres (Cuba 1976 -)

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Inspired by his upbringing, Torres views the art making process as planting an idea and harvesting it. He builds the stretchers, stretches the canvases, and primes them himself. As his ancestors did during the harvest, he starts and finishes each work following the cycle of the waning moon.

Alexi Torres discusses the relationship between nature and man in a contemporary context emphasizing the interconnectedness of all living things. His works are exceptionally complex, intricately weaving together organic and symbolic elements to create monumental works which challenge the viewer to see beneath the surface into the archetypal qualities of his subjects. He seeks to initiate a dialogue on the effects and power of human thought and behavior on the ever-changing environment, and the need of appreciation of what is.

Alexi Torres was born in 1976 in Bermeja, a small village about 70 miles southeast of Havana, Cuba. From 1989-1991 he studied at Escuela Provicial de Artes in Mantanzas and 1991-1995 at Escuela Nacional de Artes in Havana.

He is represented by Contessa Gallery.