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For over 50 years, Adelson Galleries has handled some of the finest American paintings to come to market, placing works in major private and public collections. Distinguished for its expertise in the fields of American Impressionism, Realism and Modernism, the gallery was founded in 1965 by Warren Adelson, and is located today in Midtown Manhattan. In 2012, Warren's children, Adam and Alexa, opened a Contemporary gallery in Boston, MA.
Since 2018, the two have taken their experience and the Contemporary artists that they have cultivated to Palm Beach, where Adelson Galleries has quickly become a staple in the community.

Today, the entire Adelson family works together between New York and Palm Beach. Our program of exhibitions and stable of artists feature some of the finest examples of recent art history. We believe our international selection of living artists will fill in the blanks in our next generation’s art history textbooks. Our family believes in pursuing artists with aesthetic, technical, and academic merit. If art is a reflection of culture, we hope to provide a significant and poignant view.
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Man Ray Juliet
Born Emmanuel Radnitzky, Man Ray adopted his pseudonym in 1909 and would become one of the key figures of Dada and Surrealism. One of the few American artists associated with these movements, Ray was exposed to European avant-garde artists like Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque at Alfred Stieglitz’s New York gallery and at the 1913 Armory Show. Ray’s photographic works are considered his most profound achievement, particularly his portraits, fashion photographs, and technical experiments with the medium, such as solarization and rayographs (an eponym for his photograms), which were celebrated by the Surrealists. “I do not photograph nature,” he once said. “I photograph my visions.” In 1915 he was introduced to Marcel Duchamp, who would become a lifelong friend and influence; he subsequently moved to Paris, practicing there for over 20 years.
Man Ray met Juliet Browner in Hollywood, CA in 1940 on a blind date.  The same year he painted this portrait.  Juliet was the former girlfriend of Willem de Kooning, and she was an aspiring dancer and model.  She became Man Ray’s muse, and six years later they had a joint wedding with artists Max Ernst and Dorothea Tanning.  Juliet was Man Ray’s last lover and closest friend.  They remained married for thirty years until his passing in 1976.  The portrait is only one of two known paintings of Juliet.  It depicts her wearing a blue tunic, with her head of short, curly brown hair thrown back.  He was enchanted with her beauty, but this portrait distills her features into a few key characteristics – emphasizing her posture.  The portrait shows Juliet from the shoulders up with her eyes closed, which reflects the artist’s early fascination with her mind and spirit.  The painting represents a pivotal moment for the artist: when he met the love of his life; the beginning of a bond that would shape Man Ray’s career and legacy.

Signed and dated lower left "Man Ray 1940"

Frank Perls Gallery (Hollywood, CA), "Man Ray. Paintings, Watercolors, Drawings, Photographic Compositions," 1941.
Track 16 Gallery and Robert Berman Gallery (Paris, France and Los Angeles, CA) "Man Ray: Paris ~ LA," 1996.
"Man Ray: Paris ~ LA" Track 16 Gallery / Robert Berman Gallery, 1996, page 36
The New Yorker, "Ray in Love"  September 30, 1996 P. 74

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Tom Wesselmann Seascape Study
This piece is registered with the Tom Wesselmann Estate under the Studio Archive no. 96-2 and has been confirmed with Brian Kenny of the Tom Wesselmann Estate, New York.

Signed, titled, dated and inscribed '1996 / SEASCAPE STUDY 96-2 Wesselmann 96' on the overlap 

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Federico Uribe Patient Puppy

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Andrew Stevovich Two Women Walking by an Advertisement

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Patrick Hughes Theories

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Steven Spazuk Hummingbirds

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François Bel Rolleiflex

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Magdalena Murua Otro viaje óptico

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Peter Reginato Thin Woman

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Jorge Cavelier Respiración Leve II

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John Marin Mount Katahdin II (Mount Katahdin from the Lake)

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Massimiliano Pelletti Pàris

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About the Artist

Man Ray
Juliet, 1940
Oil on Canvas
19 1/4h x 15 1/2w inches
Framed: 27h x 23w inches

More info

Estate of Juliet Man Ray

Man Ray Trust

Sold to present owner through Robert Berman Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) in 1996

Tom Wesselmann
Seascape Study, 1996
Oil on canvas
9 1/2h x 18w inches

More info

Estate of Tom Wesselmann, New York, 2006

Private Collection, Milan

Farettiarte, May 31, 2019

Private Collection, Italy

Federico Uribe
Patient Puppy, 2024
Colored pencil
13h x 11 1/2w x 14d inches

Andrew Stevovich
Two Women Walking by an Advertisement, 2022
Oil on linen
24h x 24w inches

More info

A noted contemporary figurative painter, Stevovich grew up in Washington, D.C., and as a young child spent time roaming the halls of the National Gallery of Art, where he was particularly drawn to the Renaissance paintings that would come to inform his work. Stevovich's images depict ordinary men and women in everyday situations and locations -- in restaurants and bars, at the beach, on public transportation -- but they convey a sense of mystery, creating more questions than they answer.

Although Stevovich's paintings are set in the contemporary world, their crisp design, brilliant color and meticulous surface finishes recall the Renaissance works he loved as a child. He works in oil and pastel, and is also an accomplished printmaker and etcher. Stevovich holds degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design and the Massachusetts College of Art, and is represented in many important public and private collections. His work has been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions across the United States as well as abroad.

Patrick Hughes
Theories, 2024
Oil on board construction
22 3/4h x 18w x 8d inches

Steven Spazuk
Hummingbirds, 2023
Soot and gold leaf on panel
48h x 48w inches

François Bel
Rolleiflex, 2024
Camera parts in acrylic glass
19 3/4h x 8 1/4w x 4d inches

Magdalena Murua
Otro viaje óptico, 2021
Comic book pages
27 1/2h x 71w inches

Peter Reginato
Thin Woman, 2008
Stainless steel
43h x 16w x 11d inches

Jorge Cavelier
Respiración Leve II, 2023
Oil on linen
37 3/4h x 41 1/2w inches

John Marin
Mount Katahdin II (Mount Katahdin from the Lake), 1941
Watercolor on paper
15 1/8h x 22w inches

Massimiliano Pelletti
Pàris, 2023
White and brown onyx
25 5/8h x 10 1/4w x 10 3/4d inches