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Yannick Fournié Voyages Immobiles 16
In his series titled « Voyages Immobiles ," the artist Yannick Fournié explores a new artistic territory that transcends the boundaries of figuration to dive into a profound contemplation of architecture in harmony with nature. This artistic approach is characterized by a notable evolution in the artist's style, as he abandons figurative compositions featuring characters to focus on works that are both abstract and minimalist.
The paintings in this series bear witness to his exploration of the relationship between man, architecture, and nature, evoking immobile journeys where the viewer is invited to lose themselves in inner landscapes.

Abstraction and Minimalism:

In "Immobile Journeys," Yannick Fournié departs from realism to embrace abstraction and minimalism. He reduces visual elements to their essential form and color. This simplification allows the viewer to engage in visual meditation, to explore the purity of architectural forms, and to feel the harmony that emanates from the coexistence of human structures and the surrounding nature. Each work is a reduction to the essence, capturing the essence of architecture and nature in a subtle balance.

Bold Use of Color:

The "Immobile Journeys" series stands out for its bold use of color. Yannick Fournié's works are a visual feast, where vibrant hues harmoniously blend with the subtler nuances of architecture and nature. Colors are not just aesthetic elements; they play a crucial role in creating an atmosphere and emotion in each painting. Each canvas is a sensory experience that invites the viewer to feel energy and tranquility through the carefully chosen color palette.

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Juliette Clovis " Samsara "
Juliette’s work explores 2 main lines: first, the idea of cycle of life which is incessant and universal, and second, the perpetual search for a balance born from contrasts and oppositions. As a pluridisciplinary artist, the technical proficiency has always been central in her work. Juliette is among this new category of contemporary artists who borrow craftmanship’s gestures and excellence, adding their artistic vision, and carrying it into contemporary art. Her current production develops mainly around sculpture with her favorite medium: porcelain. 
In her recent work, the artist explores the ambivalence of the human being in his relationship with the nature that surrounds him. The reflection around the presence of human in the world, which results in the progressive destruction of the natural environment, is objectified by the artist in her sculptures where fauna and flora seem to adapt to their environment. Conjugating ambiguity and employing metaphors, her work wobbles between a prophetic picture announcing the birth of a new living being, human body with a half-animal half-vegetable face; and the onset of death caused by a hungry nature wanting to take back its rights. Symbols are strong and everywhere. Snakes, butterflies, chrysanthemum, vanitas, egg... such classical symbols so often used in history of art, but also chosen for representing both life and death or idea of cycle of life. Mostly inspired by the Baroque spirit, the artist likes mixing references and playing with influences and codes; trying to make harmonious a world made of contrasts and differences. 

ENDLESS Series : 
Started at the beginning of 2019, one year before the whole world heard about this animal for other catastrofic reasons, my serie Endless draws its inspiration from a small mammal in a voice of extinction; the pangolin. Like the animal, thousands of porcelain scales, whom shapes reproduce those of the pangolin, interlock into each other and form a carapace which covers entirely the surface of my sculptures. The final shapes draw an abstract line, invasive and sinuous, almost looking like snake curves. Like a Gordian knot, the sculptures of this serie has neither beginning nor end. An hybrid, endless and reptilian creature with an immaculate beauty born from intertwined and sprawling forms.
The course of events seems then reversed. The cycle of life takes another turn and instead of disappearing, a new living being emerges from the pangolin’s scales. A powerful new form springs out fragile porcelain shards. The impression of strength and invasion is palpable. But the delicacy and fragility of porcelain soften this tension. Strength and fragility are balanced to give life to a new form of harmony. 

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