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A new 4000-square-foot gallery space in the heart of Wynwood designed for site-specific installations, art exhibitions, artist commissions, and more. The Wall Art Gallery engages the global art community bringing international artists, global creative leaders, and emerging and established voices to the forefront. Integrating a multi-faceted approach, the gallery provides a fresh view of the latest global contemporary art studios' practices.
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In his DIFFUSION SERIES of sculpted canvas, he explores the crescendo/buildup and diffusion/breakdown of energy to a restored, tranquil state. Altered transitional states of energy and variations that ultimately lead to a tranquil state of resolve allow the viewer to experience their own energetic narrative, often calming and meditative. Each narrative conveys universal energy to be in a constant state of change and evolving progression (referencing the constance of evolution and change within order and chaos)

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Charlotte Rose Macbeth
Addressing the timeless themes of mortality, desire and fate, the piece explores the dance between smoker and brand. Rose reflects on the Machiavellian branding tactics such companies have used to engage consumers. Playing on familiar cigarette overtures, alongside compositions created by Rose.

Using imagery that evokes classics such as Hamlet and Macbeth, Rose's work communicates comparisons between Shakespearean tragedy and the conflicts between cigarette company and consumer.

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Aurélien Couput

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Aurélien was born and raised in France, where he graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and the Haute École dʼArt et de Design in Geneva. He completed an MFA in Visual Arts at Columbia University School of the Arts in May 2013. His practice includes photography, printmaking, drawing, and painting. Aurélien has received international recognition for his work and was the recipient of the Prix de la Foire International de Dessin (FID) in Paris, the Raymond Weil International Photography Prize, and the 8th LVMH Young Artistsʼ Award. He was featured in New American Paintings MFA Annual #99. He is an adjunct professor in the School of the Arts at Columbia University, and his work has been exhibited in places like New York, Paris, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Spain and China. The artist currently lives and works in New York City.