Yiğit Yazıcı (BURSA 1969 -)


Yigit Yazıcı was born in 1962 in Bursa. He is an artist enchanted by the allure of a minimal color palette, skillfully utilizing hues to create a unique visual spectacle in each stroke, even in the absence of nature He graduated from Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Faculty Painting Department. He participated in exhibitions in many countries around the world, including Turkey. New York, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Thailand and Switzerland. Developing innovative concepts for everyday life objects, the artist has used individually designed notebooks, bags and jewelry boxes, leather products, and even sailboats and helicopters ASCANVAS.


2011 Next Artfair, Taly Beck Contemporary, Chicago USA 2011 ArtMRKT, Tally Beck Contemporary, San Francisco USA
2010 Art Asia Miami Hat Art Fruit, Aralik 1-5, Miami USA
2010 Asian Art 2010 Tally Beck Contemporary. Ekim New York, NY USA
2010 Icine bak, Bali Art Gallery, 7-18 Ekim, Istanbul
2010 Oksijen, La Table de Te Taly Beck Contemporary,
2010 November Bangkok Thailand
2010 Yigit Yazici, resim sergisi, Armoni Sanat Galerisi, 12 Mart- 5Nisan ,Ankara 2009 Scope ArtAsia Fair , Hat ArtFruit, 2-6 Aralik, Miami USA
2009 Scope Art Fair, Hat ArtFruit, 8-14 Haziran, Basel Switzerland
2009 Nadia Arditti - Vigit Yazici, 30 Nisan 21 Mays, Ankara
2008 Artasia sanat fuari, Art &Lfie Galery, 3- 7 aralik, Mmai ABD
2008 Comtemporary Istanbul sanat fuari, Art &Life Gallery, Istanbul 2008 Yigit Yazic "sehirlerin renkleri" Giragan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul 2008 Yigit Yazici &Nadia Arditti resim ve heykel sergisi
2008 Lebriz.com &Dem - Art Citys, Istanbul
2007 Comtemporary Istanbul Sanat Fuan. Art &Life Galeri. Istanbul 2007 "Portreler", Sanat Akmerkez'de ,5 Artdepo, Istanbul
2007 Kissel Sergi, Galeri G-Art, Istanbul
2006 Kissel Sergi, "Ailem", Article Art Galeri, Istanbul
2006 Comtemporary Istanbul Sanat Fuan, Article Art Galeri, Istanbul 2001 Kissel Sergi. Seattle Town Hall, ABD
1999" X- treme X- teriors", Markus Garvey Park, New York, ABD

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