Devrim Erbil (USAK/TURKEY 16 SEPTEMBER 1937 -)


Devrim Erbil was born in 1937 in Born in Uşak.He entered Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts Painting Department in 1955. He was educated by Halil Dikmen at Gallery and Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu at his studio. Founded ‘’Abstractionist 7’s’’group. Graduated from Master Painting Department of Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts. In 1962 he became an assistant at the Academy and assigned to art studios of Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu, Cemal Tollu and Cevat Dereli. In 1963 he founded the ‘’Blue Group’’ with Tulay Tura, Altan Gurman, Adnan Coker and Sarkis.Then went to Spain for specialization with the art scholarship which was given from Spain government and continued to his research at Paris and London. In 1969 He was selected as the “Young Artist of the Year”. He also carried out the presidency of Association of Contemporary Painters of Turkey, as well as carried out the presidency of Association of Visual Artists. He became the Director of Istanbul Art and Sculpture Museum for 3.5 years.In 1981 he became a Professor in Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts. In 2000 Balıkesir Devrim Erbil Museum of Contemporary Arts was opened. In 2004 he retired from Mimar Sinan University (ex. Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts)Right after he had been the Founder Deanship of Istanbul Dogus University, Faculty of Arts and Design. Gained number of awards. He still continues his work from Bodrum with his team of artists.


International Awards:
1966: First Prize at the 5th Tehran Biennial ROYAL PALACE 1972: Second Prize ni Painting at the 9th Alexandria Biennial
1998: Honorary Membership ni the Kyrgyzstan National Academy of Sciences and Arts S o m e of the National Awards:
1969: First Prize at the 'Young Painter of the Year Exhibition*
1973: Ataürk and Republic Award at the Turkey Republic 50th Anniversary Painting-Sculpture Competition 1974 and 1976: Success Award at the DO Painting Competitions
1978 and 1982: Success Award at the State Painting and Sculpture Exhibitions
2000: Sedat Simavi Visual Arts Award from het Turkish Journalists Association
2012: Artist of the Year Award at the Art Bosphorus Contemporary Art Fair ni Istanbul
2012: Master's Day Award from the Seven Colors Art Foundation
2017: Honorary Award for Artist of the Year from the International Plastic Arts Association
2017: Superior Service Medal from Beyoglu Municipality 2019: Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Prize