Antonio Segui (Argentina 1934 - Buenos Aires 2022)


ANTONIO SEGUÍ is an Argentine artist. Although he describes himself as an independent artist, Antonio Segui has often been associated with the narrative figuration movement.
After a first exhibition in Argentina in 1957, his work was revealed in Europe in 1963 at the III Biennale de Paris, which was followed by exhibitions in the world's leading museums.
In his early years, the artist practiced expressionist figuration imbued with irony, tending towards the absurd over the years. His works, depicting a colorful, graphic world that seems straight out of the world of comic strips, evolve against a backdrop of urban agitation, and seem to carry within them images of the night, the city and his native country, which he brings to life using charcoal, pastel, pencil or pen.

Antonio Segui supplants existential anguish with humor and facetiousness, creating a kind of theater on whose stage a man in motion frolics in search of his place in the world. Through his works, Antonio Segui orchestrates in his own way the hopes and follies of a human comedy, falsely naive, ironic and disquieting.
The military of the Argentine dictatorship would eventually ban him from the country, and Antonio Segui would say: "I didn't set out to attack them directly, but some not very intelligent people think that when you're not with them, you're against them."

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