Serlian Barreto (Havana, Cuba 1997 -)


My work is focused, especially, around a deep love for painting. Painting is for me, a way of expression, my language and discourse. I build a personal universe in my work that results from my thoughts, aspirations, fantasies and also, of course, from direct dialogue with my circumstances.

I am greatly interested in the reconstruction of animals, objects and organic forms. These elements, in a symbolic way, establish a common thread that connects all my works in the same horizon, stimulating winks, associations and complicity between some pieces and others. I am very interested in the narrative sense of the work and its (metaphorical) correlations with life itself. For me, painting is a state of emotion, a state of consciousness, a way, if you will, of saying things. I like that the pictorial work, the pictorial material, in their full realization and expansion, speak for themselves: that they themselves be capable of narrating their story, of revealing the reasons —intellectual or emotional— that push them to exist as verifiable facts, as a tangible reality.

The theatrical and scenographic dimensions interest me profoundly. It is from that place that the work itself seems to be the “metaphoric illustration" of a tale, or reality itself, passed through the sieve of my subjectivity. Despite the substantial differences between one work and another, like in a dramaturgical text a close relationship is woven between all of them that speaks all the time of the landscape, of fiction, of the juxtaposition of elements —as in a collage— and of the inescapably human need to try to understand the contrasting and fascinating realities of this world, my world.