Ghazi Baker

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Ghazi Baker (1967) is a self-taught artist ,he is a practicing architect and manages his own firm, CC & A .

Since his early teens, he has been learning and intellectualizing in a constant state of communion and renewal with the world around him. Born in Beirut in a multicultural family with Iranian and Armenian heritage, Baker was raised during the Civil War years. In his youth, he spent some time in Europe where he cultivated a love for art, travel and adventure. An avid photographer and passionate bike rider, his trips, rides and photography have always been a source of inspiration and self-awareness.

Currently working and living in Beirut, Baker’s style could be characterized as an exotic cocktail of lines, post-structuralist art, cerebral and deliberately anti-thematic. Always looking to highlight the process itself, his artistic influences include comic book art, music, movies, motorcycle culture, esoteric imagery, everyday life and the human condition.

His work is inspired by thinkers as diverse as J. Derrida, M. Foucault and M. Merleau-Ponty, as well as other artists including Francis Bacon and David Salle. Baker’s work is present in institutions and foundations in Beirut, Dubai, Paris, New York and other locations.