Caterina Mejia (Miami 1986 -)


CateKarate is a contemporary artist based in Miami, FL. Her inspirations surge from her lifelong travels and multicultural background, her development in colors and techniques are mostly born in her momentarily presence.
Cate born in Miami, FL in the late 1980s, raised in Cali, Colombia. until she was 14 years old. Her family decided then to move to Rottweil, Germany, where she grew up.
In her early 20’s she moved to Stuttgart, Germany. Here she finished her Bachelor of Arts in Photography. 
After college, she went back to Cartagena, Colombia. She started painting in an abstract form of acryl, a year later she returned to Miami and did the first art exhibition. Painting a lot with spray paint and mixed media. 
At the moment she resides in Berlin, Germany expanding her visions with Oil painting.
As one of her main projects is the Colour Senses project helping emerging artists and the community of Miami.


-AIDS Health Care Foundation. PAMM Art Museum 2018
-Spectrum Art Fair, ACA Art Center 2018
-Art Palm Beach,   ACA Art Center 2019
-ArtBravo ArtServe 2019 
-DAS PORTAL Exhibition Ft Lauderdale ArtServe 2019
-Aqua Art Miami 2019
-Solo Exhibition Miami Art Collective 2019
-Art Palm Beach Fair Colour Senses project 2020
-Scope Art Show 2020, Colour Senses project 2020
-ALIENATION soloshow Wynwood, Miami 2021
-ALIENATION BERLIN soloshow, GlogauAIR Berlin 2021
-Red dot Art Basel 2022