Studio Harcourt, out of time and fashion, generates light. The photographer, like a sculptor, creates and shapes a case of light around his model, he interprets a symphony of shadows and lights, impalpable like a caress.
This unique image conceals a story, an emotion, a clever alchemy of chiaroscuro. Light exalts the sacred, shadows sublimate the secrets of the unconscious, the soul shines through and reveals itself through looks from the most secret to the most vibrant.
The Harcourt label tends to infuse a mythological dimension into each portrait. Time is suspended, inviting everyone to enjoy an unforgettable moment. He draws his style from the roots of the glamour of the golden age of French cinema in black and white.
Now labelled a true institution, "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant", the Harcourt brand is part of the collective unconsciousness and continues its quest for timelessness, engraving its mark in the imagination of time. A pictorial memory of the great artistic, cultural and political figures of the 20th century, legend is an obvious fact, defying the passing of time.

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