Raul Diaz (Argentina 1952 -)


Raúl Diáz, a native of Córdoba, Argentina, studied architecture but could not resist the irresistible call to become a painter. The most compelling qualities in his work stem from manipulation of light and color, his compositional skills and his nuanced approach to surface texture. In painting and in sculpture, Diaz uses over-painting, scraping and incising to enhance the surface, which sometimes has raised symbols and figures semi-hidden within. He draws on experiences evoked by memories of his childhood spent lake fishing with his father and grandfather.


Diáz exhibits throughout Europe, the United States and South America where his paintings and sculptures have been included in well over fifty solo exhibitions. Diáz's works can be found in numerous collections in Israel, Italy, France, Brazil, Argentina and the United States. A major monograph on the artist was published in 2002. A mid-career retrospective was presented at the Museo Caraffa in Córdoba in 2011.