Amelia Campino (Chile 1980 -)

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“My work comes from research of the drawing, taking shade as the spatial pattern of an object. Initially, I cling to the idea of the line as the mark of a sequence of points, either in the plane or in space. Along with this, I take the line out of volumen to generate volumetric fields where the viewer becomes part of the work; he completes the pice in his route.
Lines representing volumetric territories as integrated circuits,with a specific order that is built into every space. Straight lines that carry the volumen generated in a purely organic blank field, referring to a great light where they come from, as a negative of the shadow. With different lifting heights, when exposed to light, new shadows are projected on the surface, showing the works temporality, like a drawing in space. In turn, the incorporeal and ephemeral nature shadow is addressed. The intangible becomes tangible by the volumetric of the drawing.”

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