Mikhail Larionov (1881 - 1964)

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Mikhail Fedorovich Larionov (Mikhail Fyodorovich Larionov; born June 3, 1881 - died May 10,
1964) is an outstanding Russian artist of the 19th-20th centuries, a neo-primitivist and
avant-garde artist, the founder of Rayonism. During his long life, Mikhail Larionov repeatedly
experimented with creative styles and trends - either he was fond of late impressionism,
depicting lilac bushes and bathers in his paintings, or he made simple sketches from soldier's
life or even put painting aside, temporarily turning into a set designer and choreographer of
Parisian theater productions . But he is best known for creating a new, revolutionary style for his
time. Larionov claimed that all objects, living and nonliving, emit light reflected from other
objects, and it was these rays that he tried to capture in his works. He was the first in Russia to
declare that it is possible not only to paint existing objects in a different way, but also to reflect
something non-existent in the pictures

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Rayonist Composition, 1914