Mono Giraud (Buenos AIres -)

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I choose an extreme austerity that leads me to an absolute presence. I find richness in the unexpected, in what is not revealed to our eyes. MG
Mono Giraud designer, photographer and multidisciplinary artist.
Mono Giraud's works portray the characters that inhabit her MONOGIRAUD collection, transmitting her soul with minimal gestures. Mono works together with the “Giraud Kon Giraud Team”, made up of her two daughters, María Kon Giraud and Catalina Kon Giraud. They work together on creativity, production and post-production.


Mono Giraud's photographs were exhibited in Argentina (BA Photo 2021 and 2022) as well as in international exhibitions such as Dubai (Universal Expo 2022) and at the Labirinto della Masone in Italy 2022 among others. Pinta Miami 2022. Mono’s photos are sold around the world both physical and NFT.

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Fascinante Panorama Submarino