Johnny Lopez

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Colombian artist Johnny Lopez remembered and rediscovered his love for art. In 2011, leaves his business studies and begins his artistic career studying in Barcelona (Spain), then moved to the city of Florence (Italy), where he obtained a Certificate of Fine Arts at the lstituto Lorenzo de 'Medici. In 2015 Lopez graduated in Fine Arts at the Florence headquarters of the American university MARIST COLLEGE in New York (USA). In 2016 he was an official copyist at the Louvre Museum in Paris (France).
Johnny Lopez now concentrates his work in paying tribute to the pre-Columbian cultures of his country Colombia, uniting the ancestral with the contemporary in a neo pop art style, working diverse artistic expressions such as sculpture, painting, and art installation, among others. He currently resides and has his workshop in the city of Bogota, Colombia.


LAST SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2022 - "NEO POP 2022", Casa Plastica, Bogota, Colombia. / Venice Art Biennale "Personal Structures: Reflections", European Cultural Centre (ECC) ; 2021 - "San Agustfn RELOADED", Multiple Art Gallery, Bogota, Colombia; 2019 - "Los Neo Colombinos", Galeria Espacio Blanco, Bogota, Colombia.
SOME GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2019 - "The 75th Art Genten Exhibition", National Art Center of Tokyo (NACT), Tokyo, Japan. / "XLIX Muestra Pict6rica & Musical del Caribe", Fundaci6n Talento Humana y CIF" Barranquilla, Colombia. / "MAPA Feria de Arte 2019", DC Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.