Vicky Barranguet (Montevideo -)

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In 1996 he moved to Boston and in 1997 to New York, where he studied with Larry Poons, William Scharf and Frank O'Caine at The Art Students League of New York in Manhattan. In 2001, he received a Merit Scholarship from the Judges and Curators of "The Frick Collection" and his work was later exhibited at Lincoln Center's Cork Gallery.
In constant exploration, Vicky's work moves in different directions, approaching a variety of situations and dynamics. Embodied by an empirical investigation of the pictorial structure, where processes departing from spontaneous gestures evolve into elaborate and complex systems where improvisation, organization of form and space, and attention to detail are at its core. There is a consistency throughout the years within her work diversity, perceived and recognized by others as Barranguet's signature.
Geothermal, 2022