Yuval Yairi (Israel 1961 -)


Yuval Yairi (Born in 1961, Tel-Aviv, Israel)
Lives and works in Jerusalem, Israel

Yuval Yairi is an Israeli-born Jerusalem-based contemporary artist working in the media of photography and video. Yairi studied visual arts at Wizo-Hadassa in Haifa, Israel. He has been an art director and graphic designer and works in documentary and corporate film production.

Yairi’s photographic technique is a meticulous process of capturing environments. His works resemble photographic mosaics and are created by a process of frame-by-frame shooting and then combining and revising these images. The subjects of Yairi’s work relate to a historical, cultural, personal or political place and they express an artistic comment on human observation and the natural process of memory. Upon first glance his compositions appear tranquil and still. With deeper inspection the grid-like pattern of the combined fragments of each shot, grant a sense of continuous time to a distorted environment.

In his series Palaces of Memory, Yuval Yairi challenged the “Decisive Moment” principle championed by Henri Cartier-Bresson. In his works, such as MemoVan #4, Yairi assembles digital collages from hundreds of different angles to create an alternate vision of reality. For Yairi, capturing a single decisive moment would mean the possibility of overseeing the moment that proceeded or the one that followed. Hence, his images are a poetic ode to the passing of time. Moreover, the seams delineating the different images are not emitted out of the final image. Like the construction of memory from disparate flashbacks, the different images collaborate to present a unified panoramic view.

Yairi’s work has been exhibited at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (2004); San Diego Natural History Museum, California (2007); Three Gorges Museum, Chongqing, China (2008), and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel (2011).

His works are in permanent museums collections and private collectors worldwide, including the Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Museum, Livnat in Holland, Naggar in England, Berman and Bloch in Los Angeles and Constantiner in New York.

He is a recipient of the Ministry of Culture Award for Visual Arts, 2017.


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2005 Forevermore, Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York, US

2020 Up and down the mountain, The new gallery, Jerusalem
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