Nitzan Mintz (Israel 1989 -)


Nitzan Mintz (Born 1989 Tel Aviv, Israel).
Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Mintz is an artist and a street-poet based in Tel Aviv. She graduated from The Department of Fine Art and the Department of Creative Writing at Minshar College, Tel Aviv, and from the Helicon School of Creative Writing, Tel Aviv.

Mintz’s work is created in the public sphere, outdoors and between the studio walls, indoors. Her process integrates her poetic work and the material that contains it and their physical, actual location in the street. Her poems combine the personal with the political; they are written out of an internal urge to verbalize mental process which response to the outside world. The locations she chooses for her work within the urban landscape charges them with social and political meanings.

Mintz has showcased her works in galleries, art spaces and events in Israel and abroad such as; Die Farberei Gallery, Munich; NEUROTITAN Gallery; Berlin; Jan Arnold Gallery, museums quarter, Vienna; Nahum Gutman Museum, Tel Aviv; Janco-Dada Museum, Ein-Hod Artist Village; Ilana Goor Museum, Jaffa; and Fresh Paint Art Fair for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv.



2010-2014 BFA, Department of Fine Art, Department of Creative Writing, Minshar College, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2015-2016 Diploma Studies in “Helicon”- Poetry School, Tel Aviv, Israel.


2017 There is No Room, Haifa Museum, Haifa, Israel.
2017 Out of Space, Jan Arnold Gallery, Vienna, Austria, Curated by Andreas Nadar
2017 Out of Space Part 2, Die Farberei Gallery, Munich, Germany
2016 Hurdle, Jedna Dva Tri Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic, Curated by Petrohradska Collective
2013 Self-Production, Pop-Up Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel


2017 212 Gallery, NYC, United States
2017 Scope Art Fair, Miami, United States
2017 Station 16 Gallery, Montreal, Canada
2017 Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2016 100 Years of Dada, Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel, Curated by Rina Genosov
2016 Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv, Israel
2016 Jaffa Salon of Art, Jaffa, Israel, Curated by Amir Noiman and Amir Rotman
2016 Creators, Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, Curated by Shahaf Dekel
2015 Baggage, NEUROTITAN Gallery, Berlin, Germany, Curated by Hagar Bril
2015 Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2015 Veiling and Unveiling, Bialik House, Tel Aviv, Israel, Curated by Smadar Sheffi
2015 My Africa, Romano 2, Tel Aviv, Israel, Curated by Tal Lanir.
2015 Temporary Crew, Street House Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2015 Group Exhibition, Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2015 30 Years to the Fight Against Aids, Mazeh 9, Curated by Omri Shapira
2014 A Comfortable Man, Wilton’s Hall, London, England
2014 Sweater Gallery, Yekaterinburg, Russia
2014 Gathering, Ilana Goor Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel, Curated by Tzofia Dekel-Kaspi
2014 Nahum Gutman Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel, Curated by Miri Ben-Moshe
2014 Language Bricks, Municipality Gallery, Rishon Letzion, Curated by Effi Gen.
2014 Try to Levitate Above This City, Beit Ariella: The Municipality Art Department, Tel Aviv, Israel, Curated by Maayan Nevo
2014 The Fire Brush, Meirov House Gallery, Holon. Curator: Guy Morag.
2014 The Giving Tree, Municipality Gallery, Um El-Fahem. Curator: Daniel Kahana.
2014 Meshuna Gallery,Tel Aviv, Israel, Curated by Oren Fisher and Anton Abramov.
2014 Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2013 Inside Out, Diaghilev Hotel, Tel Aviv, Curated by Moshe Esh.
2013 Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2013 Surf Writers, Riviera Gallery, Bat Yam, Israel, Curated byTali Huldai.
2013 Base Colors, Underground Exhibition in a deserted Syrian military base, Ramat Hagolan
2012 New Artists Fair, London, Curated by Leah Michelle
2012 Bread & Roses, Minshar College Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, Curated by Nir Nader
2012 No Wonder, Jaffa Port Venue, Jaffa, Israel, Curated by Karni Barzilay and Sharon Noifeld
2012 Nisuy Kelim (Testing Tools), Tami House, Tel Aviv, Israel, Curated by Carmit Blumenson
2011 Inside Job, Helene Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel, Curated by Tal Lanir
2011 Rokach House Museum, Tel Aviv