Miri Rozenvain (Israel June 27, 1998 -)


Multimedia artist Miri Rozenvain was born in 1998. At the age of 18, while her artwork was already displayed by established galleries across North America, Miri began her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art at York University and graduated in 2020.

Her work captures the resilience and ephemerality of the natural world as it evolves and changes, creating a narrative suspended in time. Miri developed her distinctive style by combining a spontaneous and free application of paint, drips, smears, scrapes, and spills with a vibrant and rich palette. Her fascination with the materiality of art and nature has led to the incorporation of sand, stones, and other materials to add depth to her paintings. Her unparalleled ability to capture emotion and movement using texture and brushstrokes brings each of her creations to life. The piece is only truly resolved and complete once it feels as if the painting can breathe on its own.