Seny (France 2004 -)


When you first look at a work by Seny, you are irretrievably captivated by one thing: the gaze of his muses. If the gaze is the reflection of the soul, then this young artist of 18 has perfectly been able to uncover the secret of the people he paints in his portraits. At first glance, nothing in his work suggests that this creative, mature, and original work can be the fruit of such a young artist with such a discrete look. And yet, it is the case. Seny is a street artist from the suburbs of Paris, settled in Vitry-sur Seine, spotted thanks to his very first exhibition, unveiled in the heart of Paris.

Seny is astonishingly mature and humbled by his smashing entry into the art world. The young man is aware that this is only the beginning of a long road. Rocked since his earliest childhood by the artistic world, Seny has always been a shy, dreamy, curious, and reserved child. He quickly turned to street art as a means of expression and fulfillment, when he was in high school, then his choice was consolidated by being selected in a prestigious art school in Paris. It is thus quite naturally that he flourished today in the urban universe by making his works in his studio or in the street, influenced by the names of the greats that he references as a source of inspiration for pop and urban culture, Rap, cinema, and fashion…

For a few years now, he has been making his works from stencils, mixing spraypaint, acrylic, and Posca. He likes to experiment and risk new combinations of materials and supports.


Solo shows
All Kids Are Heroes, NextStreet Gallery
Seny Solo Show, Galerie Iconoclaste
Group shows
Dialog - Duo show of Jeremy N. Garamond et Seny, NextStreet Gallery
One Root One Artist, Akutiga Gallery
One Root One Artist II, Akutiga Gallery
Group Show, Young Urban Generation
Confinement l'expo, Notorius Brand
Permanent collection, Galerie Better Call Jam
Asie, Galerie Lavomatik
Vitriosart, Vitry'n Urbaine

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