John Zoller (USA -)


John Zoller bends our perceptions of space in hypnotic contemporary Op art paintings that continue the legacy of artists like Victor Vasarely, Bridget Riley, Carlos Cruz-Diez, and François Morellet, who gained international recognition with the influential 1965 exhibition “The Responsive Eye” at the Museum of Modern Art. Zoller’s precisely painted geometric lines immerse the viewer in the world of the canvas and make its surfaces appear three-dimensional. In White Burst (2020), fine white lines shoot from a core of white acrylic paint in the center of the circular royal blue painting, as if mimicking sunbeams. To date, his “Celestial Mechanics” series (2017–) consists of more than 100 paintings—studies of abstraction, light, and space that reference the principles of astrodynamics.


Dual Perspective, Oliver Cole Gallery
Trompe-l'oeil, Forwart Gallery
Winter Show, Oliver Cole Gallery
Is the circle round?, Oliver Cole Gallery

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Dwarf Star Yellow Blue