Jonty Hurwitz (South Affrica 09/03/1969 -)


Jonty Hurwitz is an artist, engineer and entrepreneur. He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and spent his early life living in small hotels in rural towns in South Africa. He studied a B.Sc (ENG) at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and worked as a full-time researcher at the University of Cape Town.
Following his studies Jonty travelled in India studying Yoga and wood carving, before arriving in London where he then spent many years in the tech world designing financial risk algorithms.
Jonty started producing sculpture in 2009 and now creates scientifically inspired artworks and anamorphic sculptures. He is recognised for the smallest human form ever created using nano technology.


Solo Exhibitions
2014, Art and the Internet, Gofigurative Gallery, Hampstead, London

2013, Old Street Art, Gofigurative Gallery, Solo Show, London

2011, Noble Sculpture Prize, Italy

Group Exhibitions
2019, SCOPE Miami

2019, Body & Soul exhibition, One Canada Square, London

2019, Parallel Lines - Drawing and Sculpture Exhibition, The Lightbox, Woking

2019, The Cotswold Sculpture Park, Cirencester

2019, ArtCatto Gallery at the Conrad Algarve, Portugal

2019, Lausanne Art Fair, Beaulieu Exhibition Center, Switzerland

2019, Canwood Gallery, Hereford

2018, Gallerie Art&Emotion, Luasanne, Switzerland

2017, SCOPE, Miami, USA

2017, ArtCatto Gallery, Portugal

2017, Kinetica Museum 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition, London

2017, Liberty Science Center, New York, USA

2016, Walton Fine Arts, London

2016, Opera Gallery, London

2016, Gallerie de Medicis, Paris

2016, Science Gallery at the Art Powerplant, Leipzig

2016, International Images for Science, The Royal Photographic Society, London

2015, Illusion Exhibition Malaysia tour with the Dublin Science Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

2014, Kinetica Art Fair, Truman Brewery, London

2014, Illusion Exhibition USA tour with the Dublin Science Gallery, San Francisco

2014, Illusion Exhibition USA tour with the Dublin Science Gallery, San Diego

2014, Threadneedle Prize Exhibition, ICA London

2013, Savoy Hotel, Unveiling of Kaspar the Anamorphic Cat sculpture, Solo show

2012, Kinetica Art Fair, London

2011, Tower 42, City of London, Solo show

2011, Art London, Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London

2011, Bloomsbury Art Show (represented by Arthur Ackerman Gallery), London

2011, Untitled Artists Fair, London

2010, Arthur Ackermann Gallery, London

2010, Art London, Represented by Arthur Ackermann Gallery, London

2010, Go Figurative Show, Real Broadgate, Broadgate Circle, London

2010, Go Figurative Show, Real Hampstead, St. Stephen’s, London

2010, Untitled Art Fair, London

2010, Arte Laguna Prize, Arsenale, Venice

2009, Lloyd Gill Gallery Christmas Exhibition

2009, Bentlif Gallery, Maidstone Museum & Art Gallery

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