Joshua Jensen-Nagle (USA 05/19/1981 -)


Joshua Jensen-Nagle was born and raised in New Jersey. In 1999, he came to Canada to attend Ryerson University and began developing his distinct photographic style. Since then, he has become an established artist whose works have been exhibited in international museums and galleries.

His artworks, mainly featuring photography, do not however conform to the typical documentary style. Jensen-Nagle’s work evokes a sense that is more reminiscent of painting than photography. He explains: “One thing I try to achieve is a painterly aspect in my work, it’s how I understand photography.”

Jensen-Nagle achieves his unique style through the use of expired Polaroid film in order to obtain an extraordinary color palette. He also paints directly on his photographs and then re-shoots them to create images that explore the boundary between various mediums.

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