HUANG Yulong (China 09/23/1983 -)


Huang Yulong is an international sculptor based in Beijing. His art employs certain cultural symbols and attributes, utilizing the concepts, ideologies, and philosophies from his past and present, to communicate his ideas of identity to the world. He doesn’t try to erase cultural boundaries or blur the border between ‘high’ and ‘low’. Yulong simply contours out the new reality that he, as well as legions of local ‘post-80s’ kids, who grew up under a sudden and impulsive influence of foreign culture, belong to.⁠

Huang Yulong’s enthusiasm for hip-hop has been driving his artistic career for almost a decade. Fascinated with its free, passionate, and rebellious attitude, he uses his work as a channel to express the magnitude of emotion that takes over him when he listens to rap or dances to hip-hop music. Hip-hop came to his life earlier than art. While still in high school, the discovery of a ‘different’ and ‘new’ type of music served as a sheer means of dealing with stress and issues that a young adolescent usually goes through at that age. What started as an infatuation with something strikingly different and seductively foreign turned into a life-long commitment, a state of being, and simply a way of life. Yet, with his knowledge and outlook being largely shaped by Chinese culture, he taps into his tradition and heritage to enrich his work as an artist.⁠

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