Jonlouis Gonzalez (USA 09/25/1993 -)

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Growing up in Melbourne, Florida, rocket launches were common, serving as inspiration for the young JonLouis. The sight of discovery; of what was once unknown, and the beautiful, humane sentiment of curiosity are what define his forward-thinking artistic expression. Jonlouis is an established "space art" fixture in the modern art scene. And one of his colorful paintings featuring two dancing astronauts flew into orbit aboard Inspiration4, SpaceX's historic all-civilian orbital mission in September of 2021. Making him one of the few artists in the world to send his artwork to outer space.

Jonlouis has been using astronauts for over 10 years as a part of his visual language to share his message of connection, exploration, and hope. Stating, "The astronauts my pieces are just a mere reflection of ourselves as humans. We are all on a journey we call “life” discovering deep within ourselves. In search of meaning, connection, and a strong sense of belonging."

The characteristics of Jonlouis's work are unique due to the constant evolution of his materials and techniques. Through the combination of his studies at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and self-taught exploration the artist is able to truly push his bounds of creativity to produce his powerful pieces; using both sculptures and paintings to create an impact on the earth and beyond. JonLouis encompasses the wonders of the Universe, combining realism, impressionism, and abstract imagery per brush stroke. His art's popularity is easily seen through the demand and continually rising

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