Mathias Schmied

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Mathias Schmied is a Franco-Swiss artist born in Bern in 1976.

He is a graduate from the NationalSchool of Fine Artsin Lyon. He lives and works in Paris.Mathias Schmied has been cutting things out forever.Cutting out comic strips, vintage pin-up posters, spray painted sheets of paper, cutting out metal.Through the action of cutting out, he uncovers a second narrative, one that plays on theambiguity of words and meaning. In “Les Ruines”, his wordsfirst strike like a slogan. Then we are taken away, swiftly moving on to the poetic narrative of the cut-out void. The absence becomes the subject.The artist has long moved on from the need for the perfect cut, where cutting out a form with utmost precision is paramount and where any minute error would lead to rejecting the entire piece. He uses his savoir-faire, this other way of drawing, to achieve the very specific effects he has been seeking. His complex technique serves to convey a multitude of meanings and interrogations, sometimes just an atmosphere; melancholia, anger, vanity, sometimes a political message, a pretence, a paradox.It is a moving experience to witness how all the characters in “Les Ruines” series come together to compose the words Point de ruptureor On the edge of nothingwhen once under the illusion that they had been thrown out randomly on the floor.Lost Infloats on top of Your Pictureand yet both rise up from the same unique piece of paper. The unique phrase is repeated ad nauseam, like a 3D illusion that emerges beyond its actual meaning, playing its initial plastic role.The phrase unites, reveals and conceals, at times lighting up, at times obscuring.The unique experience of a violent poetry where shadows hide the ghosts of laughter, cries and chants which materialise within the void of fragmented pin-ups.From empty comic strip frames standing out to a frensy of lines and empty space -Never say goodbye-Mathias Schmied is one of France’s most remarkable and inspiring artists, certainly one of the most talented., Up, please shut..