Chaouki Chamoun

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Chaouki Chamoun graduated from the Fine Art Institute at the Lebanese University in 1972. First in his class, he was awarded a six-year fellowship to pursue his graduate studies in the United States and rejoin his faculty upon his return. In 1975, he got his Master in Fine Arts from Syracuse University (New York). From 1975 to 1979 he was a full time fellow at the New York University, attending a PhD program on Aesthetics and Studio Art.

Chamoun has had over thirty One-Man Shows since 1975, exhibiting in New York, Beirut and other cities in the United States, Europe, Hong Kong and the Arab World. He is represented by Mark Hachem Gallery in Beirut. He also participated in over 55 group Art Shows and biennales since 1968 including: Rochester Memorial museum (1974), Lowe Art Centre in Syracuse (1975), Soursouk Museum in Beirut (1984-2008), Europ’Art in Geneva (1999), Sotheby’s Exhibit and Auction in London (Oct. 2007), Christie’s Exhibit and Auction in Dubai (October 2007 and April 2008), Art-Paris in Abu Dhabi (2007-2008), Alexandria Biennale (2008), The Katzen Art Museum in Washington DC (2010) and Abu Dhabi Art fair, and the MENASA art fair in Beirut (2010-2012).