Betty Yaghi

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Betty Yaghi, the Lebanese self-taught abstract impressionist artist was exposed to varying cultures and art styles while living in Beirut, London, Miami and Dubai. With a recognizable signature style marked by bold lines and delicate details, B. Yaghi’s work gained recognition as “purposeful” and “hard to get out of”. Strongly influenced by the 20th century movement of art coming from within rather than revolving around a subject matter, the artist launched her signature series and coined the term “Mind-scapes”, a depiction of mental landscapes painted as aesthetic blueprints of one’s intricate thought process. The paintings carry both a lightness and darkness, and an allure of spontaneity anchored down with precise strokes and stable splashes. Her large canvases portray a cohesiveness and balance that can only be gained through intent and control. With an impressive track record, B. Yaghi’s work is present in the homes of art enthusiasts and collectors around the world in places such as Australia, Hong Kong, Miami, Kuwait, Lebanon and the UAE.