Ben Abounassif

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Ben Abounassif was born in Caracas in 1964 to Lebanese parents. He graduated from Tennessee Tech University in 1987 with a B.A. in Business Management.

Abounassif’s first contact working in the art world was in 2006 when he launched Leiter Gallery in Miami, a short but successful experience as a co-owner working along with Cuban-born, Miami-based artist Sinuhe Vega Leiter, and Venezuelan-born internationalist & journalist, Jesus Rojas Torres.

Abounassif’s innate creativity was highly influenced by working closely with local artists and by visiting their studios and launching of his works exhibitions in N.Y.

In Venezuela, Abounassif’s geometric works on paper are high on demand. His work always receives high bets from collectors during charities and fundraisers for nonprofits.

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Nature B-104
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Movimientos Geometricos 9
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Nature B-105
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Unfolding Circle (Blue Moon)