Andrew Blauschild (United States 1971 -)


A New York City native, Andrew Blauschild (b. 1971) took up photography at just twelve years old. Dividing his time between New York City and the East End of Long Island, he is an avid surfer and is widely known for his photographs that document the surfing community and culture of New York beaches. In 2007, Blauschild became the creative director and photographer for his own surf company, Kookbox Surfboards, which began as a result of taking photographs of pro-surfers. For his photographs, Blauschild frequently utilizes an innovative dye sublimation printing technique that he learned from his mentor, the renowned printer Charles Griffin. Blauschild’s Ghostboard series as well as his seascapes have been featured in group shows in Connecticut, Montauk, and the Hamptons. He has a number of clients and collaborations he has been involved with, most notably Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, New York Times, and New York Observer.