Kim Boulukos (France 1957 -)


Born in New York in 1957, Kim Boulukos has been living and working in Nice since 1992. She studied lithography at the State University College of New York in Potsdam, New York, then sculpture and art history at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art receiving high honors for her thesis installation of clouds.

Kim Boulukos’ artwork of stylized horses and antelopes is soothing and peaceful, whereas her work inspired by dogs is joyful and playful. Her recent work focuses on the cycle of life in Nature by artistically portraying nests, seeds or tumbleweed. She constructs her sculptures by assembling smaller elements together through welding, weaving or sculpting and uses a variety of materials including metals, clay, resin, natural fibers, feathers, seeds and other vegetal matter.

Not only is her artwork suitable for cultural spaces, Kim Boulukos’ animals integrate well in interiors of traditional and contemporary homes, restaurants or offices. Because metal is the most durable material for outdoor works, her bronze or steel sculptures easily enhance a courtyard or garden landscape.