Gregory Watin (France 1976 -)


Gregory Watin, originally from France, has been internationally recognized for his very unique "urban" style. His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions across Europe and the USA for the last 15 years.

He takes a picture he uses as a sketch. He immerses himself in all things that give strength to these urban landscapes, he looks at these structures marked by time and gathers all these elements in order to build an atmosphere, a universe around these places. In his work, he tries to make them his by giving them a second breath of life. That is why he uses bright colors. He inlays various elements of nature, woods, cardboard, papers, and plexiglass.

There is also a notion of urgency in his work, to seize on an idea before it gets away , to put on the canvas the instant gesture, the instant collages, the instant urge. He has created his contemporary poetry from daily material, from the town, the people. This urbanity made of anything is not sad or doomed , if you look at it closely, it is also colored and rhythmic.

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