Elwood Howell (Michigan 1933 -)


Born in Pekin, Illinois in 1933. In 1974, Elwood moved to East Hampton, NY where he finds himself inspired most by his surroundings. Elwood specializes in using a high horizon line in his land and seascapes.

His works revolve around a common theme of misty beaches and sea sides. Elwood captures the diffused light and mist in blue tones with a quiet and serene effect. His paintings consist of dripped and flung color under the mist and gauze of an all-over transparent grey toned wash of acrylic on canvas. They are mood paintings of an all-over color field with an exquisite sensibility for muted hues.

His paintings are overall impressive and convey a sense of spirituality and meditation. Elwood Howell’s work represents a high degree of skill and imagination.