Kenneth Noland (Asheville, North Carolina April 10 1924 - Port Clyde, Saint George, Maine January 5 2010)


Kenneth Noland (American, 1924 -2010) was known for his paintings which examined the emotional effects of colour and geometric forms. Noland met Helen Frankenthaler and Clement Greenberg in 1953 which would have a profound effect on his art making. Using circles, chevrons, diamonds, shaped canvases throughout his career. The Doors – Sea View is part of Noland’s “Doors” series, a motif that incorporates aspects of the 1970s shaped canvases. These later works are known for their complex applications of clear, glass-like gels which were scraped and slid across a coloured underpainting. The plexiglass panels in the works act like drawing, defining the structure to the work as a whole.

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Doors - Sea View, 1988
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"Inscribe" (1984)