Guy Dill (United States May 30 1946 -)


Guy Dill (American 1946 - ) is a sculptor whose sculpture’s dynamic, balanced forms slip back and forth of the sweeping, gestural forms of a ‘figure’ and the heavier, structural proportionality of welded bronze. Dill uses silicon bronze, which is bronze that silicon has been added to in order to make it more malleable. It is rolled it into sheets, and cut into the various pieces of the sculpture, and then folded to make the piece, which is then welded together. Based in Venice, California, Guy Dill’s early work was part of the 70s and 80s California post-minimalism movement, which featured the artists such as Ellsworth Kelly, Richard Serra, and Richard Tuttle. While some of Dill’s imagery can be traced back to this early stage in his career, his mature work is far more classically modernist, using traditional materials with a high-tech approach to fabrication. Dill’s work is included in international collections such as the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Stedelijk Museum.

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Venice Delicate, 2012