Brandon Reese (Oklahoma 1973 -)


Artist, Brandon Reese, works primarily with stoneware and porcelain. He received his BFA in sculpture from the Kansas City Art Institute where he became proficient in bronze, cast iron, steel, wood and ceramics. While in Kansas City he apprenticed with Jim Leedy until pursuing a graduate degree specializing in ceramics at Bowling Green State University. There, he had the privilege of working with artists Jun Kaneko, Don Reitz and Peter Voulkos. While at Bowling Green, he focused on salt and wood firing for creating unusual and varied surfaces on each sculpture. Upon graduation, Reese was hired by Oklahoma State University as an assistant professor of its newly expanded ceramics department. In addition to teaching, Reese regularly exhibits his large-scale ceramic sculptures. His work has been exhibited in Germany, Taiwan and across the United States. Gebert gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Scottsdale, Arizona represent his work. Although most of Reeseā€™s exhibitions are ceramic sculpture, he balances teaching the hand-building techniques with wheel throwing pottery and functional vessels.