Mark De Muro (Seattle, WA 1952 -)


Mark De Muro (b. 1952, American) is a multi-media artist, art dealer, curator, lecturer, and consultant specializing in Impressionist, Modern, Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, Pop and contemporary Art. He was a founder and director of the Beaux Arts Foundation and the Downtown Arts Club. His work investigates personal meditations, familiar landscapes, or commentary on popular culture. Images culled from newspapers, vintage objects, or direct observation are edited, cropped, reimagined concepts, and harvested to lend immediacy as a window of present reality, or serve as metaphor for customs, traditions, portraiture, and the human condition.

De Muro received his BFA in art and art history from University of Miami. His work has been exhibited at Gallery 287, NY; Air Mattress Gallery, NY; Elga Wimmer Gallery, NY; Downtown Arts Club, NY; Chowaiki & Co Gallery, NY; Rockelmann and Partner, Berlin, Germany; Jackie Klempay Gallery, NY; Art Miami; Armory Pier Show, NY; Bjorn Ressle Gallery, NY; Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller Gallery, NY; Barbara Braathen River Gallery, NY; Gracie Mansion Gallery, NY; Chicago International Contemporary Art Fair Bubble Lounge, Chicago, IL; Germans Van Eck Gallery, NY; Vanderwoude-Tannanbaum Gallery, NY; P.B. Van Voorst Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands; MoMing Gallery, Chicago, IL; and, most recently at Envoy Enterprises, NY, and Michele Mack Gallery, NY. His work has been featured in Figaro, Japan; New York’s Hottest Young Artists, NY; L’Art Vivant, Paris; Bomb Art Quarterly, NY; New York Arts Journal, NY; The New York Times online; The Arsenic Lobster Poetry Journal; HG TV; The Washington Times; New York Art Beat; and “Resolve40” on YouTube. Collections include, U.S. State Department; Harvard University; Hess Corporation; Systems Products International; Meier Inc, Komar Inc.; Gracie Mansion; Jane Holzer; Tim Forbes; Jerry Magnin; Carol Hayes; Stanley Moss; David Murdoch; Victoria Baden-Powell; Ezra Chowaiki; Ed Meisner; Bjorn Ressle; Daniel Boulakia; Jonathan Bourke; Erin McKinnon; Jeanine Moss, and many others.