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Lianghong Feng has no concept before starting to work. His paintings result out of the process of painting, out of a dialogue between the artist and the canvas. It is a spontaneous dialogue with questions and answers or a conversation, with beautiful poetic elements: a conversation between poets. Similar to what Gerhard Richter said, “my paintings are smarter than me”, Feng is not considering himself superior towards his works. Their reaction and the result on the canvas is every time an experiment, sometimes a surprise for him. –Alexandra Grimmer, translated by Zheng Yuantao

For twenty years, the dual influences of East and West have manifested in Lianghong Feng’s luscious abstract canvases. His techniques of daubing and splashing paint are the vehicle through which these two disparate traditions are resolved. These dynamic, abstract paintings draw from his cultural roots, including the legacy of Chinese calligraphy.

After a decade residence in New York City, in the 1990s, Feng began distorting the shapes of the urbanscape, in direct reaction to the prevalent graffiti he saw in Brooklyn. This inspired a non-cultural and “irrational” form of painting. He wrote: “I must avoid my pre-existing knowledge and constructs, and enter my personal terra incognita.” While Feng often allows his work on a painting to develop organically and intuitively, he is constantly looking for the “images”, or what he terms the different visual elements of his work, and to elaborate relationships among them. This is part of his process of finding the painting’s artistic perspective, harmony.

Lianghong Feng was recently the subject of a major mid-career retrospective at Beijing’s Inside Out Museum (2011) and the White Box Museum of Art (2013), where his paintings amassed three full floors of exhibition space. Considered one of China’s leading contemporary voices in Abstract Expressionism, his studio is located in the prestigious 798 Art District in Beijing, and he is a frequent exhibitor at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (Shanghai). Feng’s international and museum exhibitions include: Brot Hulger Kunstalle (Vienna), Beijing World Art Museum (Beijing), Today Art Museum (Beijing), Yonghe Art Museum (Beijing), Perdue University (Indiana), Yuan Art Museum (Beijing), among others. His works are in the permanent collections of the Dana Farber Institute (Boston), a Fortune 500 Energy Company (Charlotte), White Box Museum of Art (Beijing), among others.

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