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Matthew Swift   (Founder and Director)


Trident Gallery offers beautiful and intelligent contemporary art by artists having or gaining national prominence. The gallery mounts a new exhibition every five weeks and produces a full program of events including the Live Art Series of performance art.

Director Dr. Matthew Swift selects gallery inventory and produces gallery exhibitions and publications, drawing on over twenty-five years of multi-disciplinary research in the arts.

Two smaller rooms complement the main exhibition at Trident Gallery: The Vault Room shows an exhibition which rotates as inspiration strikes, and the Director’s Office is an evolving showcase of the variety of art available from the gallery. In addition to the art on view, extensive inventory may be viewed by appointment at a nearby private showroom.

Playtime, Boston -  Peter Lyons

Peter Lyons Playtime, Boston

Flight -  Susan Erony

Susan Erony Flight

The Great Wall of China -  Susan Erony

Susan Erony The Great Wall of China
This mixed media work is part of the artist's series Towers and Other Thoughts. The full text of Franz Kafka's parable "The Great Wall of China," in English translation, is written out in the artist's hand. In Kafka's story, the Great Wall of China is supposed to have been intended as the foundation of a new, enormous Tower of Babel.

Or Chicago -  Ed Touchette

Ed Touchette Or Chicago

Deity -  Peter Lyons

Peter Lyons Deity

Natick, Massachusetts -  Peter Lyons

Peter Lyons Natick, Massachusetts

Fluff -  Peter Lyons

Peter Lyons Fluff
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Consuegra -  Peter Lyons

Peter Lyons Consuegra

Flux -  Ed Touchette

Ed Touchette Flux

Love in December -  Diane Ayott

Diane Ayott Love in December

Thirty-six Safe Places -  Susan Erony

Susan Erony Thirty-six Safe Places

Mondo Exotica -  Peter Lyons

Peter Lyons Mondo Exotica

Red Square (looking to Rothko) -  Susan Erony

Susan Erony Red Square (looking to Rothko)

Listening Ritual -  Susan Erony

Susan Erony Listening Ritual

Exhibiting Artists

  • Diane Ayott  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Diane Ayott - Love in December Love in December

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  • Susan Erony  (+)

    Biography : Susan Erony was born in 1949 in Boston and has resided in Gloucester MA since 1995. She attended Rhode Island School of Design, Massachusetts College of Art, Lesley University, and the University for Humanistic Studies in Utrecht, Holland. She has consulted to organizations on issues of art and society, taught and lectured on both art history and art practice, and organized exhibitions. She is currently Visual Artist in Residence for the Gloucester Writers Center. Her art is in prestigious US and European collections and has been shown across North America, and Europe.

    Detailed Description : Susan Erony’s paintings explore the idea of visual beauty itself as both a refuge from the trials of life and a visceral demand for the mind’s attention. Like much of her past work, her recent paintings engage history and reveal a deeply felt ethical consciousness as they bear witness to the dignity and the achievements of the oppressed, the dispossessed, and all people who face sorrow or pain in the course of life. In Erony’s art, beauty mediates the opposed imperatives of emotional safety and moral awareness: her paintings submit to the seduction of beauty, even as they compel viewers, in that safe embrace, to remain mindful of the suffering which makes love and beauty so important. Erony employs conventional art materials, especially acrylic, in unfamiliar ways that render them strange, and she employs unconventional materials which have conceptual or personal significance. The abstract paintings and those having general subjects bear strong emotions in their organic textures and engage history and ideas through their titles. Other paintings gesture to the universal through the intimate specificity of the subject or the artist’s materials.

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Susan Erony - Listening Ritual Listening Ritual
    •  Susan Erony - Red Square (looking to Rothko) Red Square (looking to Rothko)
    •  Susan Erony - Thirty-six Safe Places Thirty-six Safe Places
    •  Susan Erony - The Great Wall of China The Great Wall of China
    •  Susan Erony - Flight Flight

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  • Peter Lyons  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Peter Lyons - Mondo Exotica Mondo Exotica
    •  Peter Lyons - Consuegra Consuegra
    •  Peter Lyons - Fluff Fluff
    •  Peter Lyons - Natick, Massachusetts Natick, Massachusetts
    •  Peter Lyons - Deity Deity
    •  Peter Lyons - Playtime, Boston Playtime, Boston

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  • Ed Touchette  (+)

    Artist's Objects:

    •  Ed Touchette - Flux Flux
    •  Ed Touchette - Or Chicago Or Chicago

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Other Represented Artists