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Bogéna Gidrol, a qualified architect and art enthusiast, presents international artists that are searching for the essential while constantly evolving. In 1995, Bogéna started as an exhibition curator in the USA and Japan (as Nagoya Museum, 21st century Museum of contemporary Art, kanazawa ). In 2000, she opened BOGENA GALERIE in Saint Paul de Vence, France. In 2013, Bogéna and Christopher Holder, her new partner, expanded the gallery. They created a contemporary space, spacious, filled with light, where other artistic disciplines interact with works from the permanent collection, in the spirit of the initial project, a place of exchanges revolving around art. In 2013-2014, they opened a pop up gallery in Singapore simultaneously to “ArtStage”. In October 2015 a beautiful 500 m2 pop-up space, "the concept", opened in the Polygone Riviera, in south of France to promote the image of art. In April 2018, they opened BOGENA GALERIE in Phoenix Arizona.
BOGENA GALERIE initiates numerous partnerships with museums and public bodies, organizes numerous events, onsite and offsite.
Jeff Bertoncino, Carl Dahl, Franta, Monique Frydman, James Coignard, Nathalie Deshairs, Ernest Pignon Ernest, teamLab, Ousmane Sow... masters like Manolo Valdes, Antoni Tapies, Zao Wou Ki, Jaume Plensa are represented at the Bogéna Galerie.
The works chosen conduct a dialogue among one another while taking us into their individual worlds. In this way, feeling becomes a journey of initiation, making us face up to our own destinies and bringing to the surface traces of the pain and joy that make up the story of our lives.



Elevation -  Jeff BERTONCINO

Jeff BERTONCINO Elevation

Silueta - Antoni TAPIES

Antoni TAPIES Silueta

Songe d'hiver -  Nathalie DESHAIRS

Nathalie DESHAIRS Songe d'hiver

Au bord du temps -  Christian LAPIE

Christian LAPIE Au bord du temps
bronze - 183 x 55,5 x 30 cm - 2012

Senantes 18 - Monique FRYDMAN

Monique FRYDMAN Senantes 18

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • Franta

    Biography : Franta is an internationally renowned French artist and sculptor, born in Czechoslovakia in 1930. He studied at the Prague School of Fine Arts before fleeing his homeland in 1958 to live and work in France. He has travelled all over Europe and spent time in India, Japan, Mexico, the United States, and above all Africa. Humanity is at the heart of his work, driving his creative output. The human condition has long tormented him. The emotional and visual shocks he experienced during his travels in Africa led him to break with the theme of despair that had hitherto been a prominent feature of his work – the despair of men tortured by the bureaucratic technostructures of the modern age. The lines of his art – perpetually swooping, intense and alive – began instead to celebrate life and the joy of physicality, incising and dissecting bodies and emotions and translating his own vital energy. Franta expands the limits of the body, laying himself violently bare and displaying his innermost being, his essence,and soul, thereby forcing the viewer to confront reality in a way that is sometimes hard to acknowledge and to engage in introspective self-questioning. Beyond his clear-eyed diagnosis of the human condition, his work is also suffused with compassion and generosity, transmitted to the viewer through a vision of others and their suffering and rootlessness, through the filter of his own life experiences. Franta’s Artwork as a whole is framed in terms of this duality of light and shade: it is redolent with death and at the same time a paean to life. “One possible definition of what it means to be human, against a backdrop of inhumanity”. One man shows in Museums : PARIS , Musée Galliera / NICE, Centre National d’Art Contemporain – Villa Arson / ANTIBES, Musée Picasso / MENTON, Musée de la Ville CANNES, Musée de la Castre / DUNKERQUE, Musée d’art contemporain / GRENOBLE, Musée de la Peinture / GRENOBLE – LA TRONCHE, Musée Hébert / NICE, Mus