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  • Sarah Bachrodt

    Biography : Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois in the 1940’s, Bachrodt has distinct memories of the moment she knew she wanted to create art. Bachrodt’s desire to paint was also born out of emotional necessity: in the wake of personal tragedy, painting becomes a channel to express her feelings, record her experiences and make sense of her surroundings. After relocating to Boca Raton, Florida, in the mid-1980s, Bachrodt found creative inspiration in the lush local landscapes. She was enamored by the vivid plant life in her garden and sought to infuse the colors and passion that would come to distinguish her work. Staring into the face of a flower, she studied the ways in which the pigment pooled in its petals, documenting a delicate dance between color and space – a phenomenon she continues to explore, reveal and incorporate in her art today. While some may see flashes of Joan Mitchell’s sweeping movement of light and paint, Jackson Pollock’s radical manipulation of line or Mark Rothko’s depth of color in her works, it goes without saying that Sarah Bachrodt’s pieces are as diverse and multifaceted as the inspirations behind them. Employing an array of tools and techniques – from brushes, hard cloths and palette knives to her own her hands- free pouring and finely-milled sand for texture – experimentation is the key to Bachrodt’s creative process. Each of her expansive creations is an in-depth study of movement, color and line. After an illustrious career in the 1990s that took her from Miami to New York, from her native Chicago, to Florence, Italy, Bachrodt felt it was necessary to temporarily disconnect from the gallery circuit and reconnect with her craft, allowing her to produce art for the purpose of personal fulfillment rather than self-capitalization. After reaching back down to her roots and making art for art’s sake, she reemerged in the new millennium with a sizeable collection of prized pieces. Distinguishable by series instead of by name, Bac

  • Karen Barrow  (+)

    Biography : “An award-winning artist as a teen, Barrow began painting in 2001 after raising her three children. She then attended Ringling College of Art & Design where her painting was included in “The Best of Ringling” juried show. She worked as an Associate Curator and Art Director for Naples area galleries while continuing to paint full time in her studio. Her work evolved from primitive figures to mixed media collage and bold paintings. Pulling inspiration from her upbringing in the auto-manufacturing hub of Mid- Michigan and family weekends spent at Sebring International Raceway, Barrow’s work focuses on the relationship between people and cars. Her work layers images from vintage auto brochures, her own photographs, stencils, paint, mediums and sometimes auto parts. Combining the best of digital photography and the gestural movement of the Abstract Expressionists, Barrow creates her own Digital Expressionism. She layers and scrapes clear mediums and paint on her digital images, allowing chance to play an important role in her process. Her work encourages the discovery of both automotive and personal history. Memories of the first car you drove, the one you took to homecoming, the one you saw taking the checkered flag…these machines tell the story of one’s life. People, places and one’s individual history are associated with the automobiles that we owned, loved, desired or fantasized about. In turn, these machines become historical touch stones. Memories from decades ago or yesterday are intertwined with the metal and glass of an automobile. “

    Exhibition : • 2018 - Cars on Canvas 2017 Solo Exhibition HW Gallery, Naples, FL • 2017 - Art Prize 9 International Art Competition, Grand Rapids, MI • 2017 - Ferrari Club of America National Meet Pop Up Gallery, Daytona Beach, FL • 2017 - 12 Hours of Sebring Pop Up Gallery Sebring, FL • 2016 - Porsche Club of America Solo ExhibitionSebring International Speedway, Sebring, FL • 2016 - Vintage Driven Solo Exhibition Sebring International Speedway Sebring, FL • 2016 - The Boston Cup, Official Artist, Poster Artwork, Solo Exhibition Boston, MA • 2015 - The Boston Cup, Official Artist, Poster Artwork, Solo Exhibition Boston, MA

  • Joan Criscione

    Biography : Joan Criscione was born February 1933. She started painting in the early 1960's. Her paintings were primarily in oils, focusing on portraits and still life. Influenced by Modigliani and the Impressionists. Her versatility spans from realistic to abstract.Joan studied with Rudolf Baranik, a well-known American artist whose work has been shown at the Museum of Modern Art. She is primarily self-taught. Joan exhibited in many New York shows, including the 1963 Westchester - New Rochell show where she won 2nd place for her still life.In 1974 she brought her artistic talents to another dimension the fashion world. She was a founder in the Womens Designer Company "Criscione Designs LTD" in New York city. The company grew to international status, selling her designs worldwide including her flagship boutique in Manhattan. Her designs were seen on tv.. Worn by many celebrities (Mary Hart, Joan Lunden, Michele Lee, Joan Collins, Linda Evans, Diana Ross) name a few. After retiring from her fashion business she resumed her passion for painting. She now paints acrylic abstract expressionist. Recently two of her paintings were on display at the Boca Museum's 62nd Annual All Florida juried competition and exhibition. Joan is a member of the Women in Visual Arts Inc. And the Artists Guild. Her work continues to evolve as her creativity is endless.

  • James Massacci

    Biography : James Massacci’s paradoxical life has led to the creation of thought-provoking, diverse paintings for which he has become known. His art spans from the whimsical, yet head-tilting, modernization of antique photographs, to remarkable paint-splattered portraits, to viral, controversial pieces that have resulted in death threats. James grew up beneath pallid skies that settled upon an anemic skyline of steel mills and abandoned buildings – once a birthplace of American dreams. The starkness of Warren, Ohio, didn’t breed or mold imaginations, and yet he somehow found a way out of that bleak landscape and onto a canvas full of color and line-crossing content. Now based in Florida, his work has been showcased in galleries across the country and purchased for private collections. Artist Statement. My survival is dependent upon me being able to trust my gut and learn people. In learning people, I learned about myself and in learning about myself I learned about the growth of life, the maturing of the spirit and time it takes to have grounded understandings. I create hypocrisy and sarcastic art because I think there is too much justification in the world and not enough accountability. My inspirations come from the solid truths that exist just below the surface of the marketing.