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HOHMANN represents a family endeavor in fine art for almost 40 years in both Europe and America. What was founded by Werner and Ursula Hohmann in Germany has continued in the United States with Ursula’s sister Eva Hart and is operated today by the brothers Maximilian Hohmann (Germany) and Christian Hohmann (U.S.A.)
The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently recognized the longstanding history of the Hohmann family in the art world by registering the name HOHMANN as a trade-mark.
The gallery in Palm Desert is designed to be an experience for art collectors. The 5,000 SF show-room located on the prestigious El Paseo Drive offers three galleries and an onsite art storage vault with a private viewing room. An uncluttered display and a welcoming atmosphere await the visitor. What makes the gallery different is what you don’t see, which is the work that goes into selecting the artists and individual works before they make it into the gallery. Throughout the season the gallery hosts curated exhibitions as well as a permanent display of gallery artists and selected works by masters of the 20th century.
While the Hohmann family has no program that would limit the gallery to one movement, the re-quirements to be showcased in the gallery are extremely high and discerning. Contemporary artists are handpicked and thoroughly vetted before being considered for representation. When it comes to secondary market works, only the best quality and impeccable condition are exhibited. The program is as simple as it is diverse and it is built on the vision of the Hohmann family to find and promote art that lives up to their motto: “Originality, quality, consistency and longevity”.

Exhibiting Artists

Other Represented Artists

  • David Cerny

    Biography : David Cerny was born in 1967 in Prague, Czech Republic Cerny burst into the public eye in 1991 when he painted a Soviet tank, that served as a war memorial in central Prague, the color pink. Creating extreme controversy with his work, this international sculptor has been described as “witty, exciting, kinetic, crass and provacative”. Cerny is the son of a graphic designer father and a mother who was a restorer of art in the National Gallery of Prague. He learned his trade at the Academy of Applied Art in the country’s capital, studied in Boswil on a grant from the Swiss government, and also in New York City at P.S.I Artists Residence New York before taking part in the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. His works are characteristically bold, courageous and reach into sensitive political, historical and social themes, all sprinkled with the unconventional artist’s sarcastic humor. In his hometown of Prague alone, Cerny has 14 installations in public spaces that have become major public attractions. In 2001 he created a non-profit cultural art and event center in a former 1920’s glass warehouse in Prague, which he named the “Meet Factory”. Cerny calls his factory a “multicultural supermarket”, as it houses a theatre, music stage and 16 studious occupied by a total of 30 international artists.

  • Laurent Craste

    Biography : Laurent Craste was born in France in 1968. Of French origin, Laurent Craste has been living and working in Montreal for the past 23 years. His career has involved both a studio practice in contemporary ceramics and the teaching of ceramics at the college level. His works are on display in many public and private collections such as the permanent collection of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Claridge collection, the Public collection of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada, The Cirque du Soleil collection, the Musée de Châteauroux (France) and the Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec permanent collections, the City of Montreal and the Loto-Quebec collections among others. In 2003, Laurent Craste received the prestigious Winifred Shantz Award for Ceramists, awarded by the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery. He has been a regular exhibitor at Chicago’s Sculpture Objects and Functional art (SOFA) show and has also participated in the Biennale Nationale du Canada and the Biennale Internationale de Châteauroux in France. In 2005, he was a finalist in the Carouge international competition. His research project developed as part of his Masters in Fine Arts has been awarded the Bourse d’Excellence Universitaire de l’UQAM. In 2010, Laurent Craste presented a solo exhibition in New-York at the Pulse Art Show, as well as in the Toronto International Art Fair with the SAS Gallery. He also participated to the «Montreal Art Contemporary» of the Expo 2010 in Shangaï, China. He was invited in 2011 to display his work at the Pertwee Anderson & Gold Gallery in London, UK, as well as in the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery of Waterloo in Ontario. He has also exhibited in 2012 at the Aqua Art Fair in Miami and at the Massachusset College of Art and Design Gallery in Boston. In 2013, he had a solo exhibition of his works running for 10 months in the Lab Design of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. He is currently preparing another solo ex

  • DJ Hall

    Biography : DJ Hall was born in Los Angeles in 1951. She remains there today, painting from her studio in Venice Beach. Hall’s signature paintings emphasize an idyllic lifestyle synonymous with Southern California, inspired by the artist’s earliest sun-speckled poolside memories. Although her hyper-detailed work draws upon the foundations of photorealism, each piece is actually a highly contrived composite of both real and imagined scenarios. Hall’s process often involves a live photo shoot with models, after which she edits and reassembles the visual information in order to produce a painting that sparkles with a more extraordinary sense of magical reality. In Hall’s vivid worlds we find a diary of images where leisurely people momentarily freeze the passage of time and enjoy the fleeting, joyous moments of a life well lived. Since receiving her B.F.A. from the University of Southern California in 1973, Hall has exhibited widely throughout the United States. Her work is featured in many corporate and public collections including the American University in Washington D.C., Bank of America, The Buck Collection, GTE, and the Long Beach Museum of Art in Southern California, The Phoenix Art Museum, The Palm Springs Art Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Although women, water, and architecture recur in her work, Hall’s primary focus is in representing the myriad prismatic complexities of light.

  • jd hansen

    Biography : jd hansen was born in 1969. Sculptor jd hansen’s work reflects the subtleties of emotional circumstance moment by moment. Whether reflecting tension, conflict, peace, or joy through the smallest tilt of the head of position of an arm, she constructs exquisite portraits of the human condition in her own unique voice. The voice comes across in aesthetically approachable exteriors where smooth textures give way to melted roughness and dignified postures warp into emotional curves. The warm bronze becomes a vehicle for intense and complex psychological permutations, acting themselves out within the classic medium. Jd Hansen has gained considerable recognition over the past few years with numerous articles in national publications as well as gallery representation across the United States. Her extraordinary work has put her into the spotlight and caught the attention of collectors worldwide. Just recently, two of her 10 foot sculptures were installed in Taiwan. Hansen’s education includes a BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California and hands on foundry training in bronze and metalworking. She has been included in many exhibitions throughout the United States. Her sculptures appear in various public and private collections including the Davis Brown Tower and World Food Museum in Des Moines, Iowa, Seven Bridges Foundation in Greenwich, Connecticut and a permanent installation at a five star Taiwanese resort.

  • Heiner Meyer  (+)

    Biography : German Pop Artist Heiner Meyer has been delivering us freeze-frame glimpses of our national consumer psyche for nearly forty years. In this collection of new works, he presents an unbiased, outsider’s view of American Pop Culture through dynamic paintings combining the influential imagery of our lives. Unlike the Pop Art movement, which focused on the individual everyday object, Meyer’s work highlights the stream of juxtaposing visuals fed into our lives daily from the past and the present, which reflect upon who we are. In his paintings, these images show up together through people and objects, seemingly chosen at random from the encyclopedic stream of the communal psyche’s visual feed. This feed, accumulated from a myriad of ever-present information portals from the television screen to the glossy magazine spread to the cinematic stage to the multimedia advertisement to the high speed internet site, is constantly imprinting upon us. Meyer’s paintings present a glimpse of any moment in time within that stream and the images both personal and non-personal that appear in that particular moment. Pin up girls pose next to Mickey Mouse while socialite stars like Paris Hilton transpose against glamorous icons like Marilyn Monroe, leading us to draw our own conclusions based on individual perspective and personae. Flashy cars, the metallic glint of money, haute couture, the latest sought after product, and our celluloid heroes all show up to place us in our contemporary environment.

    Also represented by:

  • Neil Nagy

    Biography : Neil Nagy was born in 1941 in the East Los Angeles community of El Sereno amongst the Mexican culture, of which its buoyant joyfulness and bold colors would greatly influence his future artistic sensibilities. In the early 1960s Nagy gained exposure to the art of the Bay Area Figurative painters Manual Neri and Nathan Oliveira as an Art and Design student at San Jose State College. The laid-back attitude of the period resulted in a lighter and more humanist interpretation of the severe existential Northern European styles. This, along with the explosion of Abstract Expressionism, informed Nagy’s style and work. In 2006 he was selected for an important “Bay Area Figurative” exhibition where he showed alongside Diebenkorn, Park, Oliveira and others. Nagy’s focus became steeped in figurative expressionism, in which he used the human form in mild abstractions to articulate spiritual and physical existentialism. For him, the single human form was the most powerful means of delivering works of poignant beauty that also carried intense emotional messages. Although the figure remains central, the paintings continue to evolve, expressing considerations occupying the artist’s mind from ancient Chinese and Mayan history to contemporary figurative art. Recently, Nagy’s work has been inspired by explorations of the cultural influence of Japan on the postwar modern art world and the exquisite, meticulous art of calligraphy.

  • Pascal Pierme

    Biography : Pascal Pierme was born in St. Raphael, France. Pierme creates minimalist sculptures out of multiple mediums that help him work out puzzles related to balance, movement, inquiry, architecture and nature. The artist cites his grandfather with his fragrant woodshop as an early inspiration. Through him he learned how to be one hundred percent responsible for creating something from A-Z. Pierme studied Art History and Technique in St. Raphael, France and the Airgraph Technique in San Diego, California. He has participated in hundreds of exhibitions throughout the United States, France and Switzerland. His work has been commissioned privately by the likes of Pierre Cardin, Carol Burnett, Marriott Hotels and the Equifax World Headquarters among others. Pierme is interested in assimilating what is not supposed to fit—the combination of contrasting elements through a metaphorical chemistry. He composes elements into a moment and “freezes” it, therefore capturing a split second of evolution. Pascal Pierme lives and works in New Mexico.

  • Roger Reutimann

    Biography : Roger Reutimann was born in 1961 in Winterthur, Switzerland Swiss-American sculptor Roger Reutimann is working with contemporary materials like cast stainless steel and fiberglass to transform the inexhaustible subject of the human figure into present-day original and innovative works of art. His semi-abstract sculptures are boldly colored and meticulously finished with high gloss automotive paints. Reutimann is interested in the purity of shapes, in simple geometric lines that are suggesting of the human form. Influenced by artists like Moore, Brancusi and Arp he also finds inspiration in industrial and automotive design. Reutimann strongly believes in perfection. His disciplined upbringing, life-long piano practice and former careers in the fields of international art fairs and product design give the self-taught artist a unique perspective on art. “I am not trying to solve the mystery of the human figure, but to deepen it”. Reutimann explains: “I’m taking my sculptures to a different level, one that includes elements, which can’t be expressed by words. To me sculpture is like painting a thousand paintings,” Reutimann says. “It adds another dimension in very permanent mediums, such that will last for generations. The third dimension in sculpture has a powerful impact on the observer, one that relates to our physical reality. It lets the artist play with different perspectives.”

  • David Schneuer

    Biography : Polish artist David Schneuer was born in Poland in 1905 and passed away in Israel in 1988. Part of the burgeoning German Expressionist movement and highly inspired by the birth of print lithographs and advertising posters, Scheneur’s most noted work depicts the subtly colored, exuberant, and sensuously refined characters and social settings of 1920s Paris. In 1933, Schneuer was arrested by Hitler’s forces and imprisoned in Dachau. Because of his work for the Muenchener Schauspielhaus on the graphic design of theatrical posters for productions such as Brecht’s Threepenny Opera, he was considered a cultural revolutionary. After his release, he emigrated to Palestine and settled in Tel Aviv to paint. Schneuer’s works can be found in permanent collections around the world including the Muenchener Stadtmuseum, Spertus Museum, Chicago, Boston Fine Art Museum, Vancouver Museum of Art, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv Museum, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Vancouver Museum, the Bass Museum, Miami, and the Joensuu Art Museum, Finland. Schneuer was the original documentarian of the French café and bar scene – articulating his life there onto paper from within rather than just romanticizing the era from afar like so many other artists of our time.

  • Julian Voss-Andreae

    Biography : Julian Voss-Andreae is a German sculptor based in Portland, Oregon. Starting out as a painter he later changed course and studied physics, mathematics, and philosophy at the Universities of Berlin, Edinburgh and Vienna. Voss-Andreae pursued his graduate research in quantum physics, participating in an experiment considered one of the modern milestones of unifying our everyday intuition with the famously bizarre world of quantum physics. He moved to the United States to study Sculpture at the Pacific Northwest College of Art from where he graduated in 2004. Voss-Andreae’s work has quickly gained critical attention. His sculpture, often inspired by his background in science, has captured the attention of multiple institutions and collectors in the United States and abroad. Recent institutional commissions include large-scale outdoor monuments for the University of Minnesota and Rutgers University (New Jersey). Voss-Andreae’s work has been featured in print and broadcast media worldwide.